Productivity commission on data availability – submission made

23 Aug 2016

  • Data
  • Privacy and Compliance

ADMA’s response to the Productivity Commission’s issues paper on Data Availability has gone to the government for inclusion in the preliminary report.

Your association’s position, particularly when it comes to data and privacy is to bring a balanced view between ensuring consumers are uppermost in our considerations and that industry not be weighed down by burdensome and intrusive government over-regulation.

ADMA recognises that due to the combination of the rapidity with which data is being generated, collected and used, and industry’s desire to work within a set of easy-to-understand guidelines. Further, is the need for a united industry voice at a time when data’s generation and use is quickly exceeding government’s ability to legislate.

Core to the ADMA’s purpose is to provide industry with the opportunity to self-regulate, with further regulation being a process of last resort if industry fails in its self-regulatory approach.

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