New full-time privacy commissioner for NSW

27 Jun 2017

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Samantha Gavel has been appointed as the full-time privacy commissioner for NSW, taking over from Elizabeth Coombs, who has been in the role part-time for the past five years.

Currently holding the title of National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner, Gavel will be taking on the full-time role backed by extensive experience. Mark Speakman, NSW attorney-general said that Gavel has “experience in raising awareness about privacy rights, investigating complaints, resolving disputes and helping agencies meet their obligations to protect the personal information of individuals."

The move to a full-time appointment follows concerns raised by Coombs about resourcing and comes as a way to combat the increasing challenges brought on by the rapid advancement of technology and digital capabilities, according to Speakman.

ADMA fully supports the appointment of a full-time privacy commissioner. At a time of digital transformation and in an increasingly data-driven world, the allocation of sufficient resources to the protection of privacy nation-wide, as well as globally, is vital – and this appointment is a step in the right direction for NSW.

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