Making sense of the Privacy Act Amendments

14 Mar 2017

  • Privacy and Compliance

Amendments to the Privacy Act that will result in significant changes and affect businesses across the country, were passed by the Senate in February. Under its formal title, the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 means to keep consumers safe from harm and includes the introduction of hefty fines in the case of non-compliance.

A key focus of the Amendment is the requirement to disclose any breach where personally identifiable information like credit card data, credit eligibility or tax file numbers, for example may have been illegally accessed and there is a real possibility of harm to consumers. While contentious as it passed through parliament, the amendment is now law and will be enacted before February 2018.

To ensure ADMA members have the most current information, a webinar was recently held featuring Jodie Sangster (ADMA CEO) and privacy lawyer Gavin Smith (Partner – Allens).

As the details of the new law were unpacked, questions were taken in real time from an engaged and interactive group.

Topics covered during the webinar included the expected impacts on business in Australia, differences to the existing law, exemptions, technical questions and definitions and much more.

A video of the webinar is now available for streaming here.

More resources on the subject will be released shortly.

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