About the ADMA Code Authority

ADMA (the Association of Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising) requires honesty and fairness from its members when dealing with customers.

As the self-regulatory body for information-based marketing, in 1998 ADMA developed a Code of Practice in consultation with the Ministerial Council of Consumer Affairs (MCCA), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and consumer and business groups.

Aiming to build consumer confidence by setting standards of best practice and ethical conduct, the Code must be followed by all 650 corporate members of ADMA.

The Code’s purpose is to promote the highest standards of business practice and encourage consumer confidence in making purchases at a distance; Encompassing fair trading, channel regulation and privacy principles.

The ADMA Code Authority comprises equal numbers of industry and consumer representatives and is chaired by an individual from outside the data-driven marketing and advertising community.