Big data: A charge for change

23 Aug 2016

  • Data
  • Privacy and Compliance

OK marketers! So, you use big data and think you’ve nailed your de-identification processes? Not so fast.

For the last decade, several studies have proven the ability exists to re-identify individuals from previously thought anonymous big data, it appears to be gaining ground and the potential ramifications for marketers are huge. Like, the potential for more stringent government regulation around data collection, use and disposal for one.

Australia’s Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released a paper for consultation by industry and the general public: Guide to big data and the Australian Privacy Principles, to explore the relationship between personal information and big data.

Inside, it helps to narrow the definition of big data and is designed to make clear the privacy requirements for organisations and government. The guide’s intent is also to discuss and urge the take-up of the Privacy Management Framework. This Framework is intended to embed a culture of ‘privacy by design’ into the systems and practices of all organisations for all data.

It is intended for use as a guide for all businesses that use data throughout the information life cycle, including those covered by the Privacy Act 1988 and those not.

While privacy for consumers is enshrined in law, changes to the relationship between personal information and big data could be profound for marketers and is a topic that requires deeper exploration. Stay tuned over the coming months.

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