Be Quick! Opt-out by 25 September

21 Sep 2016

  • Privacy and Compliance

Mega-messaging app WhatsApp has one billion users around the world and is making changes to its privacy paradigm. The app relies on data to send messages (just like Apple’s iMessage) however some users have felt ill-at-ease since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014 in a cash and shares deal reportedly worth USD$19 billion.

The Australian Office of the Information Commissioner recently alerted the public to privacy changes to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions that mean users will have to actively opt-out of sharing their data with Facebook.   

According to the OAIC, “The information that will be shared includes the phone number used to verify the WhatsApp account, and the last time the app was used. Facebook will use the information to: make friend suggestions and identify advertising for users on the Facebook platform. Actual message content will not be shared.”

However, if you want to opt-out you need to do so by 25 September 25 2016.

Visit the OAIC website for more information.

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