Are we on a precipice?

ACCC Inquiry Webinar Series 2

27 Oct 2020

On the Brink of a Digital Regulation Precipice: Digital Advertising in 2020 and Beyond

Right now, it would be fair to say, it’s crunch time for the Digital Advertising industry and the regulations that surround it. With the ACCC reviewing practices on multiple levels, Australia is taking a lead role globally in policy formation and demanding transparency from almost all parties. The stage is set for regulatory initiatives that may reshape digital advertising.

So what’s happening, why is it happening and what can we expect?

Peter Leonard is a lawyer specialising in data and privacy, he’s also a principal of Data Synergies and Professor of Practice at UNSW Business School. He thinks a shake-up is inevitable. “The ACCC believes that lack of transparency in the digital ad supply chain means that no one knows who’s clipping the ticket and whether their clip delivers fair value for money”, he says. “Sharing of customer attribute data is key to making targeting work, but that sharing is often not carefully or properly controlled.” This is a key area of focus of the ACCC.

Peter will host an exclusive webinar for ADMA on the topic of imminent regulatory change. It will give us all an opportunity to delve deeper into the issues, the predicted changes and how it will affect our industry and our businesses.

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