Behavioural Economics Masterclass

Consumer behaviour doesn’t make sense -
Behavioural Economics does

Understand the shortcuts, biases and thinking patterns that drive buyer behaviour in this exclusive masterclass with consumer expert Dan Monheit, co-founder of Hardhat, Australia's foremost creative agency built on Behavioural Economics, and creator and presenter of the Bad Decisions podcast.

At the heart of Behavioural Economics is a recognition that people rely on mental shortcuts or heuristics, rather than weighing up every option for each of the thousands of choices they make each day. Recognising and understanding these biases gives marketers an edge to create stronger and more effective messaging, products and services that connect emotionally and create action.

In this one-time only opportunity in 2021, we will dive deeply into twelve of these heuristics, exploring the foundational research, real world examples and key takeaways for each.  Discover how to apply core Behavioural Economics concepts to make tangible, lasting impacts on your marketing plans.

  • Week 1: Building Brand Awareness
  • Week 2: Increasing Value Perceptions
  • Week 3: Lifting Conversion Rates
  • Week 4: Improving Portfolio Design


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Non-member: $690.00 (Including GST)

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Don't miss this opportunity to build better brands and boost your career with behavioural economics, a fascinating discipline demystifying our irrational decisions about brands, buying and pricing.

4 virtual sessions, over 4 weeks
Starting on November 16th.
Sessions are every Tuesday 1pm - 2pm (AEST).

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Masterclasses include Q&A opportunities, weekly handouts plus additoinal reading & listening recommendations

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Who would benefit from attending the Behavioural Economics Masterclass?

If you are a mid-level to senior marketer looking to arm yourself with an understanding of consumer behaviour to grow your brand and step up to the post-COVID market changes ahead, then this course is for you.

The masterclass is designed for teams across Marketing, Communications, Innovation, Brand and Digital (including UX and CX). You’ll gain deep wisdom into human behaviour that will arm you with skills and knowledge to leverage market-leading results.

Become your own Chief Behavioural Officer and boost your brand's growth.

What you will learn:

Understand the theory, and dive into practical examples and applications of Behavioural Economics in the market, focusing on a key Marketing challenge each week.

Each session will champion three heuristics, exploring the foundational research, discussing real world examples and providing key takeaways.  By the end of four weeks, you will walk away with a much deeper understanding of why people do the things they do, and have a whole new perspective to bring to the world of opportunities that 2022 will bring.

  1. Challenge one: Building brand awareness

    We’ll begin with a brief introduction to Behavioural Science, then dive straight into key heuristics that can turbocharge awareness for any brand.

    We’ll use research about multivitamins, data analysis from the Eurovision song contest and studies into marathon runners to learn how brands can turn up, build trust and be remembered like never before.

  2. Challenge two: Increasing value perception

    From slow cookers to fast shipping, most products and services we buy today have a value that’s almost entirely subjective. In our second week, we’ll explore some of the common mental shortcuts that people use to determine the value of things, and how we can tap into these biases for our products, services and comms. 

  3. Challenge three: Lifting conversion rates

    Session three is all about closing the deal, whether that happens at shelf, online or in person. We’ll take lessons from UK tax compliance, Swedish furniture design and Russian Roulette to learn how to nudge consumers over the line when it’s time to decide.

  4. Challenge four: Improving portfolio design

    In our final week, we will look at how behavioural science can improve the way we structure our product offering. Research into the military, lottery winners and fancy jam will surface insights and takeaways that help determine range breadth, depth and mix. We’ll conclude with a quick recap of all 12 biases that have been covered, along with key actions and suggestions for additional learning.

Meet our Expert

Dan is Australia’s leading thinker and presenter in the field of Behavioural Science. Dan’s expertise has seen him present on the topic at some of the biggest conferences in the world including SXSW in Austin Texas and Mumbrella 360 in Sydney.
In the last year alone, he’s delivered over 100 presentations on the topic to marketers around the world, produced content franchises with Google and and contributed to over a dozen publications including The Australian, and Inside Retail. His Behavioural Science podcast (Bad Decisions) has listeners in more than 90 countries and is regularly featured in the ‘top podcast’ charts.

Dan Monheit is also co-founder of Hardhat, the creative agency built on behaviour. Hardhat clients include Mattel, Afterpay, Bupa, Victoria University and the Victorian Government.


The Behavioural Economics Masterclasses is 4 virtual sessions over 4 weeks starting on November 16th. The sessions are every Tuesday 1pm - 2pm (AEST).

ADMA, Australia’s leading industry body for marketers, has partnered with Dan Monheit, Australia’s leading thinker and presenter in the field of Behavioural Science. Dan is co-founder of Hardhat, the creative agency built on Behavioural Economics.  His expertise has seen him present globally more than 100 times in the past year.  His podcast, Bad Decisions, has listeners in over 90 countries.

The course is 4 virtual sessions, over 4 weeks.

Students can access the course from anywhere in Australia from their computers from their ADMA IQ Learning Lab Portal. The course is online session, if you miss a session you can catch up on demand.

The course is 100% online, the sessions are live but if you miss a session you can catch up on demand.

Marketers of all backgrounds, education levels and nationalities will benefit.

At the completion of this course you will receive an ADMA Masterclass Digital Badge. Digital badges symbolise your achievements in a way that can be displayed, accessed, verified and shared online.

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