Pinnacle Awards

The Pinnacle Awards recognize the work and teams that attained the pinnacle of their craft by delivering the most exceptional work this year. These award categories can NOT be entered.

Grand Prix: Creative Effectiveness Campaign of the Year

The ultimate accolade of the AC&E Awards. The winning entry will be a multichannel campaign that demonstrates an outstanding combination of customer data, creativity and effectiveness.

Best Use of Data

Recognizes the exceptional use of customer data in a campaign for an organisation where data plays the central role in delivering commercial effectiveness.

The Innovation Award

Rewards breakthrough use of data, technology and innovation that allows brands, technologists and creatives to communicate with their customers in a new way. Will demonstrate an original and inspiring and effective marriage of creative and technological developments. It could be a new technology or an existing technology applied in a “new” way and must provide some type of customer engagement or interaction.

Courageous Client Award

All work requires a partnership between agency and client, but the Courageous Client Award celebrates that rare moment when an agency takes a client well outside their comfort zone and the client faithfully goes along, and sees remarkable results.