Channel Awards

Best use of Traditional Channels

For broadcast advertising that; is selling directly, generating customer inquiries, or the collection of customer data via any broadcast media. Entries in this category require a meaningful call-to-action. (i.e. Judges will not consider a URL or phone number with no reason to respond a meaningful call-to-action)

Best use of Social Media Platforms

A campaign that demonstrates the best creative use of a social media platform or platforms, derived from a deep understanding of the customer data, target market and innovative implementation strategy across multi to drive a direct response and maximize successful business results.

Best use of PR or Content

A campaign that demonstrates innovative use of PR channels to drive customer response. Entries may be for business or consumer initiatives, and must involve the use of customer data.

Best use of Mobile Marketing

Rewards mobile marketing work that seamlessly combines technology and creativity that pushes the boundaries to reach and engage with customers to deliver an immediate action.  Where the activity was made possible because of the use of the smartphone device capabilities combined with data underpinning the device.

Best Use of Search

For the best use of search optimisation and/or search marketing in generating direct response. Includes organic and paid. Please specify whether your entry is based on SEO, SEM or both. Judges will be looking for an explanation of how you developed the search aspect of the campaign: strategy, data strategy and any targeting and profiling/ segmentation work, approach to customer journeys, channel choice, creative, testing variations, technologies used and any integration with other channels as well as detailed results for the campaign: deliverability statistics, response rates, engagement metrics, commercial impact and ROIs.