Why retargeting matters for today’s marketing maverick

23 May 2016

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By Ben Sharp, Managing Director AdRoll APAC

So what’s retargeting? Retargeting uses your website’s first party data to re-engage with potential customer that have shown intent to convert. Why should you use it? First party data is the most powerful thing a company has and utilising that to keep your brand front and centre so your message is top-of-mind when potential customers are ready to buy.

Sounds simple right? Well it is! By ensuring that you incorporate all aspects of retargeting you can reach your potential customers across each channel they spend their time on.

Bring your customers back to your page as they browse across other sites online.

Connect with customers while they’re engaged, across the world’s most popular social networks.

Don’t wait for your customers to come to you - reach your audience on the go wherever they take their mobile devices.

AdRoll’s Performance Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting: Part 1 explains how to make the most of each of the above channels with an easy to use checklist. See how other Aussie businesses are making the most of their retargeting strategy, with two stellar case studies. Download the report today!


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