Study reveals top B2B marketing metrics

29 Apr 2016

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The metrics most commonly used to measure the performance of B2C and B2B marketing departments have been revealed in a new report from CEB, a best-practice insight and technology company.

In a blog post discussing its findings, the firm said that one of the biggest questions posed by marketing professionals in its member network is: "How are other marketers measuring their success?"

According to the results of the 2015-16 budget and benchmark survey, the key metric for B2B marketing is lead conversion rates, followed by lead generation rates and market share.

The marketing spend to revenue ratio and brand awareness completed the list of the top five performance gauges for B2B marketers.

In both the B2B and B2B/B2C hybrid sections of the survey, market share emerged as the most-used metric, while customer retention and loyalty, brand awareness and brand consideration all featured in the top fives.

Announcing the results of its survey, CEB noted that "marketers everywhere" are always keen to show what they contribute to their company and clients, but are also facing challenges such as the digitisation of content and evolving expectations.

"Alongside this shift in marketing practice have also come huge investments, and CEOs, CFOs and even CMOs are desperate to see a return on them," the firm said.

"But, ultimately, it's numbers on a spreadsheet that are the most persuasive argument in business, and those aren't always easy to come up with or justify with sufficient precision to satisfy a CFO or senior executive team."

Marketers were also advised to "think holistically" about metrics and how they fit in with overall corporate strategy goals, considering the different combinations of measures that should be used to suit particular business models, industries and functions.

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