How expert data quality expands CRM value

How expert data quality expands CRM value

23 May 2016

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By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft

The Customer’s Challenge
Over the past few months we have has assisted a number of major clients enable their CRM's to harness their biggest assets - customer data.

The three common obstacles they each faced were:
• Duplicate records,
• Identifying which data is most valuable, and how to fill data gaps
• Sales and Marketing teams lack of trust in the quality of their data.

CRMs form the hub of many systems which feed into a business. If duplicates are present they become a huge cost and headache for a business to deal with. If the CRM platform isn't managed appropriately duplicates can range from 3-12% for clients.

When searching within a customers’ data, we look for the “gold nuggets” hidden within. When their data has become large and versatile clients are unable to manage their data using internal resources alone, this is were we come in. Every business is unique and is searching for new and innovative approach to mine out the "gold nuggets".

“70% of users said that their biggest Salesforce challenge was data quality/missing information”

October 2015 survey of 590 Salesforce users from a range of unique companies

The common obstacle many face is the dwindling confidence and trust in the quality of data provided to sales and marketing teams, which evidently affects the flow on costs to a business. We heard many internal decisions were put through a slower pipe line, marketing investments were conservative and sales and marketing strategies weren’t aligned.

The outcome – customer success
We introduced a phased approach, extracting information of value across legacy systems. The cool stuff was evident in the way our expert team treated each client’s challenge uniquely, results were delivered in days and weeks and relationships with key people were developed. Ultimately it is about identifying all the data challenges and rectifying them BEFORE they are loaded into their CRM. Clean up the data to ensure your platform is running at its optimum from day 1!

In simple terms, each of these major clients now have a CRM where the rubbish data has been removed and are now able to focus in on the high value data. For example, one client can now clearly view and understand their customers across multiple channels, while another has removed the baggage of widespread duplicates.

The strategic outcomes included:
• The data audit report engaged a broader internal audience than anticipated
• Internal teams have now progressed onto the next stage in their data-driven strategic plan
• Ongoing program implemented to maintain strong data quality levels and fight against the unavoidable nature of ongoing data decay.

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