End of financial year planning - Retail

23 May 2016

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By Manny Kambos, Head of Mid Market Account Management, AdRoll APAC

I’ve worked as an account manager in the advertising industry for five years, and in that time I’ve seen a few trends come and go. Among them are the heightened conversion rates for retail businesses in Australia at the end of the financial year.

With the end of the financial year around the corner retailers need to think about their online presence. Country wide, retailers will be going on sale and potential customers have been conditioned to expect to save! It’s more important than ever to remain front of mind for not only your current customers but potential customers as well. To help along the way AdRoll has pulled together a cheat sheet for retailers to make the most of this time of year including a suggested budget breakdown, tips and tricks and a look at spend increases and more from last year. Check it out here.

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