Is Social Media is Relevant for B2B Marketing?

The relevancy of social media for B2B companies is a much debated subject. B2B marketers question relevance, reach and ROI potential, and struggle with the need for online social engagement: social is all about the individual, not the company. Right? Wrong.

While B2B companies are opening up to the idea of participating in Social Media, by creating social profiles, hosting blogs and creating special interest groups. The majority of B2B companies are not paying enough attention to their customers’ social media activities and using them to their advantage.  To top it off, a lot of B2B marketers aren’t providing the relevant content for their B2B customers socially either.

B2B customers are savvy enough to want detailed information about who they are considering doing business with, and using Social Media and online channels to find them. B2B companies want solutions, and they will look at blog content, video’s on YouTube and more to find it.  Social Mediahas provided B2B companies with a variety of channels to promote, educate and even create a market for their products. Blogs in particular have become a great way of positioning a business as thought-leaders. Equally, webinars and videos help demonstrate products to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Social Media also allows the sales team to infiltrate, engage and follow their leads at both a professional and personal level. Sales professionals will do everything to find out about what their potential decision makers likes and to engage with them at a more personal level. Social media provides them with all that information effortlessly. Following a potential client’s activities online (whether it be though their website, Facebook, Twitter etc.), can give a sales person a lot of insights into how to better close the sale.

Another area which has huge potential- that B2B marketers overlook - is social word of mouth i.e. commenting, reviews etc. Nothing screams how great you are like having a list of satisfied clients as members of your group who can advocate your work/products to other prospects.

B2B purchases are always well researched and go through a lengthy decision making process. Social Media as a business tool can help companies influence that research by offering thought-leadership or know-how to their potential customers in the areas they want. It can help companies to educate and engage their potential leads at different levels and communicate in a language they are using.

If you can envisage the full potential of how prospects can be engaged on Social Media, then, the argument that Social Media is more relevant for B2B companies wins hands down.

Do you think Social Media is relevant for B2B marketing?

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