Every serious marketer knows one thing is vital: their relationship with customers.

Issues such as privacy, fair trading, spam and telemarketing have a huge impact on the ability to market a product or service. Complying with the relevant legislation and laws not only makes financial common sense: it creates a bond of trust with consumers.

For almost half a century, ADMA has been committed to working with both business and government to help shape a regulatory and legal landscape that protects consumers, but also safeguards the right of businesses to sell their products and services.

We have also developed an Australian Group Buying Code of Practice and Group Buying Business Guide for group buying organisations.

For those wanting to keep up to date on the latest compliance, privacy and regulatory issues, our new Compliance Hub offers resources, updates, news and information.

And a Code of Practice has been developed, monitored by our Code Authority who will investigate complaints and breaches.

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